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Ted Bundy: Memories Of The Beast Book Review

“Ted Bundy: Memories Of The Beast” – Book Review

“Ted Bundy: Memories Of The Beast” has been published at the end of 2022 by Grim Reality Publishing and is one of the latest releases of author Fabien Richard, in collaboration with E.J. Hammon, blogger and true-crime researcher – the owner of Confessions Of A Bundyphile – an opinion based blog of Ted Bundy’s psychology …

Ted Bundy Pornography Influence

Ted Bundy And The Influence of Pornography

In his book, “Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters”, Peter Vronsky mentions that the detective magazines became a subject of a detailed study as their presence was found in not only serial homicide cases, but in cases of child molestation, rape, and autoerotic deaths. The covers of these magazines almost always featured a luridly illustrated or photographed …

Elizabeth Lund Home Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy and the History of The Elizabeth Lund Home

Theodore Robert Cowell, later known as Bundy, was born to Eleanor Louise Cowell in a large Victorian-style house known as the “Home for Friendless Women” before becoming the “Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers” in Burlington, Vermont, on November 24, 1946.  In 1927, the home was renamed after a tireless supporter, Elizabeth Lund, the wife of Dr. William Lund who had …