Shiki Violinist

Street Music Art: An Interview With A Violinist

All the world’s a stage and the streets of England are no exception. The most captivating concert shows take place in the open space by talented music artists, captivating audiences with their impressive tunes. If the most renown performances take place on the cobbles of Covent Garden, you can hear songs of an emotional depth …

Emma's Diner - Retro Style

Emma’s Diner – Retro Style Dining In Whitby

Breakfast, burgers and milkshakes served in an American-style eatery with a 1950s vibe. This is Emma’s Diner, a family run 1950 – 1960 style restaurant located in the heart of the quaint and beautiful sea port town Whitby. The diner is a time capsule with plenty of retro details: from the vintage furniture in bright red colours, …

Best-Selling Author Dan Freedman

Best-Selling Author Dan Freedman Starts The Summer Reading Challenge

Best-selling author and sports journalist Dan Freedman kicked off the Summer Reading Challenge on July 15, at the Scarborough Library, in an exclusive event by National Literacy Trust. Creator of Jamie Johnson football novels, Freedman talked about his career as a football journalist, being part of the official England team among world’s famous players – …