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Best-Selling Author Dan FreedmanBest-Selling Author Dan Freedman

Best-Selling Author Dan Freedman Starts The Summer Reading Challenge

Best-selling author and sports journalist Dan Freedman kicked off the Summer Reading Challenge on July 15, at the Scarborough Library, in an exclusive event by National Literacy Trust. Creator of Jamie Johnson football novels, Freedman talked about his career as a football journalist, being part of the official England team …

NAVI Demisec Records Iconic Magazine Online

NAVI – Demisec Records Owner & Songwriter Talks About The Music Industry

“If music is the soundtrack to life, I write for drama / toxic magic love / stormy breakups, white nights and messy mornings.” NAVI is a songwriter, music artists and owner of her own recording studio – Demisec Records, from Bucharest. She has one debut album – “Songbird” and a …