ABT Plus Advance Behavioural Dog Training
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ABT Plus, the advance behavioural dog training program, is designed to help dogs of all breeds and ages overcome any behavioural problems that may occur. It has been created and developed with the goal of helping dog owners work through their dogs’ temperament issues, with the help of experienced dog trainers. The program aims to offer more than just a great dog training, by enhancing the pets quality of life and your personal relationship with them. ABT Plus is designed for dogs of all breeds and ages and it provides high quality dog training theory and information easily accessible online.

ABT Plus Advance Behavioural Dog Training

According to RSPCA, dogs can experience a variety of behavioural problems, such as:

  • Aggression
  • Destructiveness
  • Toileting issues
  • Self-harming
  • Barking
  • Howling
  • Nervousness
  • Phobia

Contrary to popular belief, dog trainers and dog behaviourists have slightly different skills and particular expertise in different areas. Dog trainers are specialised in teaching your pet different tricks based on commands and rewords, such as walking on lead, obedience, and they are also specialised in specific types of activities, such as agility or utility.

Dog behaviourists come into play when your pet deals with an emotional problem, such as anxiety, aggression or when they become frightened. These feelings “can lead dogs to behave in ways that may be dangerous for themselves and others, such as chasing traffic, panicking when left alone, worrying about noises and causing damage to themselves or the home, or behaving aggressively towards people or other animals. Inappropriate or outdated advice or methods might adversely affect your dog’s welfare and might even make the problem behaviour worse in the long term,” according to DogsTrust.

ABT Plus Advance Behavioural Dog Training

ABT Plus, the advance behavioural dog training program offers both training and behavioural modules, in order to help dog owners with so much needed guidance and support that empowers their relationship with their pets. Some of the training courses can teach your puppy how to accept grooming and vet care, how to walk on lead, as well as obedience skills.

Recognising the stress signals, understanding aggression and muzzle training, grooming and vet training for dogs with a bad vet experience or confidence building are part of the behavioural modules.

*Note: when choosing the perfect dog trainer or behaviourist, always use only positive, reward-based techniques instead of the dominance methods, as they will always consolidate the bond between dog and owner. Furthermore, the trainer or behaviourist should be approachable, knowledgeable, easy to talk to and happy to answer any questions you may have about their services.

ABT Plus Advance Behavioural Dog Training

Canine Behaviour Adviser and University Professor Rosee Riggs believes that behavioural dog training helps owners “enter the emotional and sensory world of their dogs and support them to cope better in our human world.” Once we can read canine body language, we can facilitate a two-way communication with our dog. Owners should always give their dog time and space to process things, by recognising their current needs and skill set.

The workshops provided by ABT Plus work through a range of exercises to help your dog focus on controlling their emotions in exciting, confronting or stressful situations. They offer group Obedience Classes that allow your dog to learn how to ignore distractions and focus reliably on you. It also gives dogs the possibility to learn nice manners towards other dogs and people. The basic self-control skills teach you how to challenge your dog to become more reliable with distance or distractions, among many useful skills. Private consultations are also available by appointment in the comfort of your own home, in a environment chosen by you or at the training centre.

From grooming and doggy day care to socialisation therapy, agility classes and a large variety of workshops, ABT Plus is here to help dogs and owners live their best lives anywhere, anytime.


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