November 28, 2020 by Christina Nixon

The picturesque Mallyan Spout waterfall is an attractive place to visit when you pass through Goathland. The deep forested valleys provide stunning scenery and attractive walks for visitors. Hotels were constructed at both ends of the village to accommodate travellers who come to view the waterfall in the North York Moors.

November 13, 2020 by Christina Nixon

Known for its natural beauty, Alaska is home to 14 mountain ranges and one of the most wildly popular tourist destinations in the world. This stunning place has so much to explore: from glaciers and river valleys to rainforests and tundras. Read more about the beauty of Alaska in this compiled blog post.

October 2, 2020 by Christina Nixon

Steampuss Cat Lounge – The Cat Café Popularity

Cat cafés became tourist attractions in Taiwan, when the world’s first Cat Café was opened in 1998 in Taipei. Not long after, the popularity of the concept evolved in Japan and “Neko no Jikan” was opened in Osaka in 2004. In Scarborough, UK the only Cat Café is the Steampuss Cat Lounge, the home of 12 adorable Pedigree cats housed in a cozy and friendly atmosphere, offering a wonderful experience for tourists and town locals.

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The Pin-Up Girls – A Brief History

The portraits of flirtatious, seductive, innocent and independent women became an icon during the early 20th century and continued well into the late 90s. The Pin-Up girls were pictured as versions of beautiful, attractive women meant to boost soldiers’morale during World War I and WWII. The Pin-Up genre gave rise …