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Exploring The City of York
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March 27, 2023 by Christina Nixon

In the magical city of York, The Potions Cauldron is acclaimed for their mystical drinkable potions. Furthermore, it is the world’s most magical drinks emporium situated in England’s oldest and famous shopping street at 9/3 Shambles, street that dates back to 1086. A place where science and magic co-exist, you have the chance to mix and create your own drinkable potions. Together with the unique experience, come the spellbound photos inside The Potions Cauldron.

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February 25, 2023 by Christina Nixon

What is it that we find so fascinating about libraries? Could it be the enchanting world that our own imagination is able to create while scrolling through the pages of a book? Or is it about freedom? The National Library of Latvia, also known as The Castle Of Light, first founded in 1919, opened in August 2014 as designed by one of America’s greatest Latvia born architects – Gunnar Birkerts. Set in a remarkable triangular architecture, it is home to more than 5 million books and manuscripts and is open to the public for on-site research as well as a tourist attraction.

World’s Chocolate Museums

January 15, 2023 by Christina Nixon

World’s Chocolate Museums

Chocolate – we can find it in candies, drinks, home fragrances and even soaps or perfumes. It is so seductive and famous that many countries have museums and workshops dedicated to it, explaining its history, production process and its health benefits. That’s because the chocolate that is high in cocoa solids (dark variety) and the one containing milk is now recognized as having many qualities that are beneficial to our health. Further we’ll explore two of world’s chocolate museums – York’s Chocolate Story (United Kingdom) and Riga’s Laima Chocolate Factory (Latvia).

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