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I just finished watching the hit show on Netflix You. I have to say I was very impressed with the show’s design and ability to reel me into the story and characters. I will say though it reminded me of my favorite show that I watched on Showtime and Netflix; Dexter. They both have similarities and differences and I wanted to point those out for you all today.

“You” vs “Dexter” — Thoughts From The Bench

You was a story that chilled me to the bones because it seemingly happens more than the average person wants to believe. An obsessive stalker going out of his way to find his true “love”. I say this because his form of love is through control, delusion, and manipulation. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for love…even if it means taking anything that may seem threatening to his “relationship”.

That is exactly who Joe Goldberg is. Well underneath anyway. In reality, he manages a book store in New York and working one day stumbles upon a grad student named Guinevere Beck. Instantly, he starts fixating how is life will be like when the two are together. Throughout the season Joe goes out of his way to have Beck land in his arms through overly obsessive, toxic and messy ways that make the viewer uncomfortable, but at the same time so intrigued they can’t look away.

Dexter on the other hand centers around a very unique concept; a serial killer hunting other serial killers. Dexter Morgan is a blood splatter analyst working for the Miami Metro Police Department. He specializes in forensics explaining how the victims met their untimely end. He’s so good at it well…because he does it for a living. In truth, he’s a serial killer. A unique one though. He hunts down other serial killers who are causing terror and violence throughout his domain.

Many people are drawn to this seeing Dexter Morgan as a protector in the shadows, the antihero of all things bad, a dark passenger. Throughout the show, Dexter hunts and does his thing, and ultimately tries to facade his way into having a normal life with family, friends, and lovers to make sure his secret stays a secret. One thing is for sure though. This show is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

It’s a concept that chills us to the very bone watching these two essentially “pretend” to have normal lives yet, in reality, they are both trying to keep their metaphorical mask on as long as it takes to get what they want.

Probably, the best way that they are similar is the fact they would do anything to protect the ones they “care” about and getting rid of the evil and rotten in the world.

Both You and Dexter both share qualities that make the characters and plots relatable. However, there are some big differences in each character of Joe and Dexter that you can spot if you have seen the two shows.

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Dexter Iconic Magazine Online
Photo: Showtime

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  1. I enjoyed this article is because I am a Dexter’s fan 👍.I loved Dexter and the concept of a serial killer hunting others serial killers. More over, Dexter Morgan was working for the Police department, making all more exciting.

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