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Dexter‘s creator Jeff Lindsay is on the cover of the December issue of “The Thrill”. The author discussed about his latest book, “Just Watch Me” and “Dexter”. More details below.

Lindsay, who wrapped up the Dexter series in 2015 with the ominously titled “Dexter Is Dead”, says laying his popular character to rest wasn’t really an act of necessity—he was still enjoying writing the novels, which lasted two years longer than the television series and, as far as Lindsay was concerned, could’ve gone on for at least a few more. “A lot of people were sort of nudging me to move on, hinting that I must be getting tired of it,” Lindsay remembers. “I didn’t want to let it go—I mean, I was in the zone with it. The books came quickly and easily, and I was doing what I really wanted to do—writing a series, like John D. MacDonald. Just maybe a little more twisted? And I finally realized that even though I wasn’t actually tired of Dexter, I could see it coming. I always promised my readers that I would never, ever just phone it in, that I would stop writing Dexter if it was getting tired. So I decided, okay, I should go out now, before that happens.”

The break wasn’t an easy one. All told, Lindsay spent more than a decade of his life writing Dexter and watching the character’s fan base grow. When he finally moved on, Lindsay went through what he calls “a bunch of ridiculous phases: separation anxiety, [a] sense of panic and loss, followed by mourning.”

Lindsay remains open to revisiting that character again someday. “A very careful reading of the ending of ‘Dexter Is Dead’ will reveal a very tiny window of possibility—what I call the Reichenbach Falls opening,” Lindsay teases. “If the right opportunity came along, I would be very happy to revisit Dexter. It’s always nice to hook up with old friends.”

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